The Golden One

Origin - The Dominican Republic, Jamaica & Venezuela

An expertly blended concoction comprising of four distillates hailing from classic rum nations like Jamaica, The Dominican Republic and Venezuela. This base spirit utilises two aged and two unaged spirits:

Jamaica (unaged) - Distilled from molasses in a pot still followed by a column still. The pot still produces a 'low mark' spirit (big in flavour) and then the column rectifies this to produce a more balanced liquid at a higher ABV. This rum provides our blend with real funk.

The Dominican Republic (unaged) - Distilled from molasses and sugarcane juice in a column still. The use of sugarcane juice is typically an attribute of French-style rums, its use here helps to create a subtle grassy freshness in the final base blend.

Venezuela (aged 3 years in Ex-Bourbon, American Oak Casks) - This is a typical Spanish-style rum, distilled from molasses in a column to produce a more neutral rum with a smoother mouthfeel and medium intensity. Flavours imparted from ageing include oak, toast, vanilla, caramel and banana.

The Dominican Republic (aged 2 years in Ex-Bourbon, American Oak Casks) - Distilled from sugarcane juice, which is classically used in the production of Rhum Agricole. This rum was distilled in a column still which tempers the grassy and vegetal flavours associated with the raw material and creates a more neutral spirit. Flavours imparted from ageing include oak, toast, vanilla, caramel and banana.

Why Age a Spirit?

The Golden One is comprised of two rums that have undergone ageing processes of different lengths. Ageing helps to enhance the mouthfeel and alter the flavour profile of a spirit through the addition of congeners (industry-talk for flavour compounds), and removal of 'harsh textures' that often accompany young spirits. For more information on the ageing process and how it influences the flavour of a spirit, be sure to check back in for our up and coming blog post!

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