Special Breakfast

Golden Rum None


Spiced Rum

Strength - 40% Sweetness: 10/15

Spirit Base: The Golden One

Size - 70cL.


Our award winning indulgent Spiced Rum. Featuring our rich and subtly sweet Golden Rum Base enhanced with a silky blend of Coffee, Cacao Nib, Banana and Tonka Bean. Sink into our most luxurious blend, served neat with ice or enjoyed in partnership with your favourite mixer.

Mixer Pairings: This light rum goes amazingly with coke or coffee, deliciously rich in either case!

Cocktails: This rum is perfectly suited to the Espresso Rumtini, all you need to do is replace the vodka with Special Breakfast in a traditional Espresso Martini recipe.

Flavour Intensity
Banana 5/15
Vanilla 5/15
Cacao Nib 4/15
Coffee 4/15
Tonka Bean 4/15