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Spiced Rum

Strength - 40% Sweetness: 05/15

Spirit Base: White Rum No.1

Size - 70cL.


Pineapple, Coconut and Citrus are just some of the flavours you can find in this classic tropical Spiced Rum. Rumrise has been created using our White Rum Base which carries subtle sweet and grassy notes to enhance the vibrant infusions in this blend. This Spiced Rum is perfect for mixing or crafting cocktails!


We have added a little caramel to the new Rumrise recipe, firstly so you can tell it apart from the older and lighter recipe but also to add a slight depth of flavour and colour to the blend. We plan to make this available for custom blends really soon!


Mixer Pairings: Rumrise is pretty universal and can be enjoyed with almost anything. We recommend either tonic or lemonade depending on how sweet your tooth is.


Cocktails: Given the two classic cocktail ingredients of pineapple and coconut found in Rumrise it should be no surprise that it is best suited to Pina Coladas!


Flavour Intensity
Pineapple 15/15
Coconut 3/15
Orange 2/15
Ginger 1/15
Lime 1/15