114 Proof

Golden Rum Best Seller


Spiced Rum

Strength - 57% Sweetness: 10/15

Spirit Base: The Golden One

Size - 70cL.


Our award winning Spiced Rum inspired by the drink’s rich history. A Navy Strength Spiced Rum created with our intense & delicious golden base, infused with notes of Vanilla, and aromatic Tonka Bean. This Blend is supported by a crafty concoction of spices, resulting in a Rum that is perfect for sipping or mixing.

Mixer Pairings: 114 Proof goes amazingly with darker mixers like coke and ginger ale.

Cocktails: This stronger than average rum mixes well into Moscow Mules or our favourite the summer cooler. To make a summer cooler all you need is some crushed dark berries (we would advise getting some frozen from your local supermarket), a double of 114 Proof and some ginger ale. Mix the berries and rum in a long glass over ice then top off with ginger ale and garnish with a healthy sprig of mint.

Flavour Intensity
Vanilla 7/15
Tonka Bean 5/15
Black Cardamom 3/15
Cinnamon 2/15
Cardamom 1/15