Rum, as a subject, is quite expansive and at TCSCo., we could talk about it all day. We're also aware that most people's association with (and interest in) rum begins and ends with consumption. So we'll keep it short (for now): rum is a spirit distilled from molasses (a by-product of sugar refining processes). There are many variations and styles depending on the raw materials used, production processes utilised and geographical location of the distillery.

At TCSCo. we've launched with a couple options for you to choose from:

White Rum No. 1

This Base Spirit has been crafted from premium distillates sourced from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The combination of these spirits produces a liquid that is light and sweet with subtle grassy notes. Perfect for infusing with fruity, citrus flavours or as a more neutral base, allowing the flavours you select to take centre-stage.

The Golden One

This golden rum base offers a little more complexity through the use of aged rums from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Both achieve their golden colour thanks to a period of ageing in ex-Bourbon, American Oak casks. This ageing process lends the finished spirit base a smoother character, enhanced flavour and depth. Suitable for all flavour combinations, but we love combining vanilla, coffee, banana and like flavours.

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