In the world of alcoholic beverages, dryness can mean a few different things, but for our purposes it eludes to the level of perceived sweetness present in a blend. A dry spirit is said to have little perceived sweetness, this can result in a spirit that is a little 'hotter'. A wetter spirit, possesses a greater level of perceived sweetness. This can also result in the tempering of the heat associated with alcohol, and a more substantial mouthfeel. To different extents this can be manipulated by the infusion of certain sweeter ingredients or the addition of sugar.

We use four main categories to describe the levels of sweetness in our blends: Dry, Off-Dry, Medium and Sweet!

Dry - No added Sugar Scale: '0'

Off-Dry - Some Sugar Scale: '1 - 3'

Medium - A Little Sweeter Scale: '4 - 6'

Sweet - "Pretty Sweet, Man" Scale: '7 - 10'

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