How Do You Make a Custom Spirit?

Who We Are

The Custom Spirit Co. crafts custom spirits for the curious soul.

We are a small team of passionate engineers and distillers, with extensive knowledge of spirit production, and more importantly drinking!

Although we admire the delicious flavours of some of the shelf labels, they are always limited in some way. Brands only choose to make things that they think will be popular, there is a huge range of experimental, unique and unusual combinations that you will never see in your local supermarket, off license or distillery. They are simply too costly to make when they don't know who will enjoy them. Even micro distillers work usually in the range of hundreds of bottles.

This is where our mission began, we set out to design a process to allow us to make unique bottles rapidly. Our exciting process is perfectly suited to creating tastes that you wont find anywhere else and we are on track to have more flavours and more spirits available soon.

Only you know the flavours you enjoy, so ignore that cynical inner-monologue and dive tongue-first into this incredible new experience.

What We Value

The Custom Spirit Co. aims to be built on transparency.

1 - We only purchase our stock from reputable supply chains where we can ensure a fair wage for producers.

2 - All of the produce in our drinks is natural, nothing artifical, not now, not ever!

3 - We value your privacy, all of our tools are data driven so they can improve from your feedback but we always anonymise and will never sell your data.